Bounty Hunters Season 1 (2017)

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Bounty Hunters Season 1 (2017)
Barnaby Walker (Jack Whitehall) couldn't live a more tranquil, middle-class life if he was a character in a Hollywood Rom-Com starring Hugh Grant. He lives in leafy Wimbledon, drives a Smart Car and is studying for a PhD in Flemish textiles. However, when his antiques-dealer father (Robert Lindsay) winds up in hospital following a mysterious accident bookish Barnaby takes it upon himself to save the family's cash-strapped business, but a dodgy deal masterminded by his dad leaves Barnaby fifty-thousand pounds down and lumbered with a looted Syrian treasure. He is determined to recover the cash, but to do so he needs some help - big time. In steps Nina Morales (Rosie Perez) a tough-talking, Brooklyn bounty hunter who Barnaby's sister just happened to bump into while travelling. The mismatched pair team up on a madcap mission to get Barnaby's money back - but Barnaby's life spirals further out of control when they are forced into the paths of the police, terrorists and a dangerous ...
GenresAction, Adventure, Comedy
Release Year2017
ActorsBradley James, Youssef Kerkour, Gloria Garayua, Elsa Mollien, Jack Whitehall, Rosie Perez, Amber Aga, Doc Brown, G-Rod, Jackson Kai, Josie Kidd, Miguel Ángel Luque, Christian Ochoa

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