Rise of the Sufferfests (2016)

IMDB: 8.0/10 ,Total viewed: 0
Maybe it was the cast of the Today Show crawling beneath barbed wire. Or that guy from your office who looks like Rambo on Facebook. But somewhere, somehow, you've probably been exposed to the muddy, messy world of obstacle course racing. OCR is the fastest growing sport... ever. In 2016, an estimated 5 million people will pay to suffer through ice, fire, electricity, barbed wire, tear gas, mud and more. And the half-billion dollar question is... WHY? WHY-when the thrust of civilization has been to make life easier-are the masses suddenly paying for pain? It's a question we wanted to answer, so... we set off on a big, crazy, cinematic adventure! RISE OF THE SUFFERFESTS is the first feature documentary about the global obstacle course racing (OCR) phenomenon. The film explores the history of the sport, psychology behind it, personalities that drive it, and most importantly, asks what it says about the world we're living in. To help shed light on the phenomenon, investigative journalist...
GenresDocumentary, Sport
CountryNetherlands, UK, USA
Release Year2016
Duration94 min
DirectorScott Keneally
ActorsScott Keneally, John Durant, Michael Roberts, Kevin Helliker, Billy Wilson, James Appleton, Morgan Spurlock, James Wallman, Will Dean, J.C. Herz, Hannah Rosin, Amelia Boone, Jean Twenge, Joe Desena, Ed Gamester
ProductionEcho Entertainment (III)

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