Sheriff of Contention (2010)

IMDB: 4.1/10 ,Total viewed: 0
After numerous murders disrupt a small western town a community is left on edge. Deputy Conley, who wants the sheriff's job, takes it upon himself to track the culprit down. Investigating multiple leads the sheriff and deputy keep coming back to one lone drifter, Riley. Hoping to catch him in the act they set up a trap. As they wait patiently for their suspect a series of unfortunate events will leave them fighting for their lives.
Release Year2010
Duration104 min
DirectorThomas W. O'Mary (as Tom O'Mary)
ActorsAngelo Ortega, Miguel Corona, Wendy Wiltsey, Thomas W. O'Mary, Eric Scot Frydler, Steve Johnson, Nick Bonacker, Mari-jo Davis, Christy Linden, Christine Cearfoss, Michaela Carrozzo, Brendan O'Mary, Mark Landis, Jeff Gorman, Jim Kelly
ProductionHigh Frontier Venture Group, Rock Wayne Pictures Company, Rock Wayne Organization

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